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spooky world

isn't this world scarey?...

20 May
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3 doors down, 36 crazyfists, acceptance, accustic songs, alcohol, alien ant farm, art, backcombing, band shirts, basement6, bass, bass guitar, beauty and the beast, being strange, black, black and white photographs, blink182, bonnie and clyde, candles, cheesecake, christmas, clothing design, clouds, coal chamber, coheed & cambria, coheed and cambira, converse, cooking, corsets, creating, dancing, deftones, design, dirty dancing, do it yourself, dolls, drawing, dread heads, dread locks, dreads, dreaming, dreams, drinking, dvds, dying my hair, earshot, eating, edward scissorhands, fake hair, fashion, fatun, festivals, fine art, finland, flaywatter, flowers, freiheit, full moons, fun, glitter, godsmack, goldfinger, graffiti, greenday, grunge, guitar solos, haare, hair dye, halflife, heaven's a lie, him, his infernal majesty, hoobastank, huge boots, icons, ill nino, iluminatus, in a reverie, incubus, jackass, konzerte, lacuna coil, living dead dolls, local shows, lokal bands, loud music, love metal, luis royo, lyrics, make videos, make-up, marilyn manson, metal, more than crossed, mudvayne, music, musik, mxpx, my friends, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nofx, noisurrection, oompf!, photograpfieren, photography, photos, pictures, piercings, pink, pirates of the caribbean, platforms, poetry, poison the well, poster, puddle of mudd, punk, queen adreena, razorblade romance, red, redeema, s.o.a.d, sabrina the teenage witch, schwarz-weiß fotos, shopping, silly hair, silverchair, singing, skating, sleeping, smoking, snow, south park, staind, tattoos, the 69 eyes, the crow, the used, thinking, type o negative, ultraviolence, unleashed memories, ville valo, vodka, wait and bleed, writing, zeichnen